Cast Away

Cast Away
Release Date: 7th December 2000
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Rating: 12
ImageMovers, DreamWorks

I’ve seen this movie before yet I can’t remember when I saw it or what I saw. I think it was in a classroom once Christmas, maybe it was Christmas… I seem to have cast away any recollection of this film, just that fuzzy blur in my mind that I may have witnessed certain scenes. Watching it all over again I wonder why I couldn’t remember. I wonder because I’m certain I won’t forget again.

One man (Tom Hanks) obsessed with time ends up crashing into a deserted island. Here his tight schedule is ripped apart and he must survive in hopes of ever returning home and seeing his loved one again. With a busy opening showing his life and friends, the rest turns into a lonesome experience as he attempts the ways of survival. And eats a lot of crabs. The long moments of silence may not be for many, but these contain the very pain and torment of being lost on the tropical resort. As he builds up his experience and formulates a new schedule to live off by, he grows a beard, stops getting cut up so much and makes friends with a football. The inanimate object Wilson packs more character than anyone could muster in a Transformers film and he doesn’t utter a word, or move. Tom Hanks back and forth with himself and Wilson makes for some hilarious moments, before settling on damn emotional. Wilson!

It all ends on a crushingly miserable final act, hope quickly turning into the miserable realisation of the flow of time. It manages to grasp some light at the end of the long adventure, but tears will be shed. Cast Away lets us see how one man lives alone and loses it all, only to regain and lose it once again. It will be hard to forget this time, that’s for sure. And I’m sure we all have our own Wilson in life.


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