One Piece Volume 52: Roger And Rayleigh

One Piece Volume 52: Roger And Rayleigh
Story and Art: Eiichiro Oda
Release Date: 4th December 2008
Covers Chapters 503-512
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

Luffy went and did it. After numerous warnings he couldn’t hold back and the noble has been sent flying. The Navy are coming in big numbers and the chase is on! Will Luffy and co survive the onslaught and escape in their coated ship, or will they succumb to justice? Volume 52 is one non stop thrill ride.

Admiral Kizaru and a slew of cyborgs resembling Warlord Kuma have been sent to take care of the Straw Hats, but the supernovas introduced last volume are also in trouble! With the pirates in chaos, it is the perfect chance to display the powers of the new cast, and what powers they are. From splitting body parts to dinosaur transformations, the new cast have some delicious moves and as they battle light man Kizaru and explosive spitting cyborgs, the battles are truly a sight to see. With so many characters, the pace is incredibly brisk as the battlefield keeps changing, but never does it get confusing and never does it feel rushed. The pirates are desperately trying to survive and we see some great moves and the Navy showing their might. So much going on in each page and that’s before we get to the Straw Hats epic fight.

The Straw Hats face Kuma once more, or so they think. Everyone has to give it their all to take it down and we once again see excellent and innovative team play. Since Thriller Bark the Straw Hats have really combined to show off their talents and it makes the crew seem closer than ever. After the tough battle the series keeps throwing threat after threat as Kizaru, big axe wielding cyborg commanding Sentomaru and the real Kuma come into play. There is a real sense of hopelessness for the crew and the final moment of the volume manages to beat even last volumes cliffhanger. The series is heading into new places and our favourite pirates can’t keep up.


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