Currently Listening To: Green Day – Dookie

Green Day – Dookie
Release Date: 1st February 1994
Genre: Punk Rock

Punk it out! Dookie is Green Day selling out to some, but still doing what they do best to others. Love them or hate them, Dookie is an album of great worth, even though I feel lost amongst the slightly samey approach. You know how punk can be.

Of course ‘Basket Case’ is the one we all remember, catchy, different and something we can all relate to in some way. Or maybe that’s just me. ‘Pulling Teeth’, ‘She’, and ‘When I Come Around’ help make a strong middle while the rest is very much quick and to the pointless. Just think where Green Day went in recent years, then roll around listening to the good old days. The good old days when I was 4 and didn’t care about punk, rock or troubles. In the end, Dookie is what I’d have been listening to at university while lying in bed and reading dirty magazines. Hey, I can do that now!

The lyrics link up numerous times to my almost delinquent lifestyle. I think listening to music you can relate to is healthy yet maybe unhealthy at the same time. A comfort zone that everyone else is like you, but putting you on the mindset that they actually went somewhere while you live how they sing.


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