Release Date: 18th January 2008
Director: Matt Reeves
Rating: 15
Bad Robot Productions, Paramount Pictures

Bring the horror of a monster movie from the spectators video camera! Blur Witch meets Godzilla and a whole lot of screaming. Cloverfield had an idea and ran with it to the ground then under it. Not a bad thing when more horrors lurk in the underground darkness. Argh, stop screaming already!

Behind the camera we see seven hours of living hell as a strange creature moves into Manhattan and causes some destruction. We see it behind the camera of a young man and his friends who battle for survival, and this is all we see. No cutting to other characters, just our rather annoying young adult gang screaming a lot. The camera shakes, jolts and stutters throughout the whole thing, making for some realistic if irritating effects. Everytime they started jogging I wanted to hold my head in pain. The camera work works when only showing glimpses of the menaces lurking around, but most of the time it was a chaotic nuisance my head couldn’t handle. A novel idea rarely used for a reason.

But despite some headache inducing movement, the film has some killer scenes. The first jolt creates a real shock as you’ve spent the rest of the time so far enjoying a party and the friends making nuisances of themselves in it, and the little creatures jumping around work wonderfully with the shaky cam footage. It isn’t just camera tricks which work wonders, when one character literally explodes, it is a joyous moment of being pushed back to the seat in shock. Cloverfield has plenty of awesome moments during the jog from A to B, even if the monster looks a little cack. The camera work brings a fresh twist on the monster flick, but it could do with a few more scenes of genuine shock and less sickly running motions. And stop screaming already!


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