Quake Arena Arcade

Quake Arena Arcade
Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Players: 1
Online: 2-16
Price: 800 ms points
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date: 15th December 2010
iD Software

Quake Arena Arcade came marching onto Xbox promising quick paced first person shooting fun. A speedy game with almost instant re-spawning and explosive weaponry over 40 levels, a sure fire success in the making. But less than a year later after price drops and sales, Quake Arcade Arena is an empty graveyard. Occasional a human or two will walk on through, but otherwise the online is dead. At least we have the single player to enjoy!

With the barren online lobbies stopping me from enjoying the main selling point of Quake Arcade Arena, I jumped into the campaign ready to enjoy the old school fun shooting. The shooting is incredibly satisfying with the variety of lethal weapons such as shotguns, electric lasers, rockets, plasma guns, and seeing enemies blow up into meaty chunks is one of those special moments. With no story and just shooting in small arenas, Quake Arcade Arena is as pure as shooter as you can get, and different game types such as capture the flag and team games keep things varied. To an extent anyway. 90% of the campaign is being the first to get to twenty kills and the game rarely mixes things up, instead leaving any alternate game types to the challenge levels.

The game feels like an overly long tutorial for the multiplayer, which isn’t played anymore and split screen could have saved this. Alas, it has none and we have a game which has become redundant and a little bit pointless. Which is a shame, as the gameplay holds up and should be offering an excellent multiplayer experience, and the garish 90’s look of the cyborg enemies and space stations makes for a style we don’t really get any more. Quake II remains the king.



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