Currently Listening To: Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown 
Release Date: 15th May 2009
Genre: Punk Rock

I couldn’t really see anything outside. Driving in the pitch black dark to 21st Century Breakdown. For some reason it seemed apt and I allowed myself to drift into a goopy black world of social unrest and destruction. Of course I wasn’t the driver, or else the car would be the burnt out one on the back of the CD case. It was this moment when the album really clicked. A dark night drive to an art gallery full of rich snobs.

There are some amazing tracks littered amongst the monster 18, ‘Viva La Gloria’ and the Little Girl variant and ‘Peacemaker’ are the spine chilling tinglers with great mix of strong lyrics and blend of piano and guitar riffs, and then we have the rest forming punk anthems, heavy discord and soft moments of emotional twangs. Together it makes up three acts, telling the tale of the 21st Century Breakdown, and it all clicks together perfectly, moving from aggressive punk sounds of ‘Know Your Enemy’ to the catchy ‘Viva La Gloria’ before moving into a softer track like ‘Last Night On Earth.’ It keeps this up but the third act feels like an anticlimax to the rest which has gone before. And is there really much punk left anymore? Less fun, more meaning which doesn’t mean too much.  Still, the album isn’t the disaster people liked to make out to me. I can keep driving and this will keep playing. So fuck you society.


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