Photo 41: Burn And Boom

It is best to let everything burn. Throw gasoline on it all and just watch. If only you could do the same with worry. Throw it on the fire with Guy Fawkes. This fire had the model of himself absent however, so I guess the meaning was to just let everything turn to ash. I liked to say this night was about scaring off the demons of Halloween. 

This is the first bonfire I’ve been to in some time. I can’t remember how much time, but it may be one, maybe two. Just feeling the warmth and watching a bunch of silhouettes  meander about was soothing for the soul. For a minute I pictured a story I wanted to tell, which is positive movement. Then the next minute I just watched it without thinking of much at all. Perhaps I was thinking about nothing, which is a hard concept to think about.

But I stood, drank, got warm, then got cold, then saw explosions in the sky. The only thing missing was a mysterious stranger pulling me into a great adventure. Ah, if only the world worked like the wonders inside my head.

I think we should have fields of fire more often. It feels like it should be normal.


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