Photo 42: Sad Morning

The face paint isn’t really anything. Not a Kiss member, but could be. Maybe some heavy metal band member… it isn’t. What we have here is a dress up of the legendary creature, Sad Morning. Not anything is just for those not in the know. 

Sad Morning is a miserable creature of those early daylight hours. After touching the cursed sphere of Oswaldtwistle, a regular human transformed into Sad Morning, a man who could only exist in the morning. Sad Morning has a pale face which cracks in the morning sun and the sweeping reversing eyelashes retract everyone from him. A small drip of strawberry jam hangs from the side of his mouth, from the breakfast he replays each day and he lurks the cities of the United Kingdom longing for the night. Once lunchtime kicks in his eyelashes cover the whole face and he passes out till the next morning.

The only way to crack the curse is to start listening to Heat radio, wearing Chinos and enjoying Michael Bay movies. Unfortunately that would form another curse that plagues the world. Rum as the sun rises is what he does, alone and bitter. And I felt dressing up as Sad Morning was something quite apt. Now you know.


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