Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space Extraction
Format: Nintendo Wii
Players: 1-2
Genre: On Rails Shooter
Release Date: 25th September 2009
Eurocom, Visceral Games, EA

When making a popular Xbox 360/PS3 title for the wii, make it a light gun game. Dead Space Extraction is another of many on the wii, but with a focus on deeper story rather than arcade thrills, this space shooter is a little different from the norm. Find out how Dead Space begun and be prepared to face an army of messed up little monsters. Big ones too.

Dead Space Extraction focuses on the origins of the Necromorphs, humans transformed into disgusting grey monsters. Switching between characters much like the Call of Duty games we get a clear view of the chaos at hand, though for the most part we stay with a gang of four. We have the detective, Nathan McNeil, who the player controls most of the time, Gabriel Weller, a hard man soldier, Warren Eckhardt, a cowardly man with a few secrets and Lexine, a lovely lady who lost her boyfriend. The four characters might follow typical stereotypes, but they become a likable gang who really bring the story together. A combination of The Thing, Alien and Cloverfield isn’t fresh horror, but it is engaging thanks to the strong personalities in the crew. Over ten chapters we attempt to escape from the Necromorphs, though of course not everything goes to plan.

The game plays as expected for an on rail shooter. The game moves the player automatically and the meat of the game comes from shooting the Necromorphs. A selection of weapons can be collected and used through each of the stages and these offer the usual rapid fire, explosive and spread weapon variants. The game throws a few surprises into the mix though, with interactive technician and hacking moments. These extra elements help mix up the shooting and an extra player can join in. For some reason the second player also plays the same guy as player one. Perhaps he is excellent at duel wielding or has an imaginary friend helping him on the journey.

With great atmosphere, characters and shooting, Dead Space Extraction is a highlight in the wii light gun library, but it isn’t void of problems. Long corridor walks with nothing to do are frequent and the scares they tend to set up fail to shake the soul. The difficulty generally feels balanced until the ridiculous pattern based boss fights and dying causes the player to trek through cut scenes and long empty corridor walks. These moments throw the player out of the experience which the game sets up so beautifully which is a great shame.As it stands, Dead Space Extraction is a worthwhile ride for fans of the series and shows not all light gun games have to be made for arcade.



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