Nintendo 3DS December 2011 Update

The hunt for WiFi was the first objective in obtaining the new 3DS update. With only a wired connection in my halls, I ventured to dangerous places in hopes of seeing the 3D video recording and Miss Plaza upgrades. Through McDonald’s, outside CEX and finally obtaining the right connection in a coffee shop franchise, Nero. The fight was hard, especially with the all the food and drinks I enjoyed while hopefully looking for that right place. Now after dragging myself away from comfy sofas and tasty hot chocolate, I live to tell the tale of how the 3DS has re-birthed itself. 

The first big deal is 3D video recording. Making 3D mini movies of up to ten minutes is an exciting prospect, and my first video was pretty much the peak of 3D cinema. A coffee cup slowly coming into view, then the evil hand poking the screen for that pop out effect! A terrifying movie of love and intrigue as the cup learns of humanity and worth in its life.Try and beat that.

The next biggie is the upgrade to Mii Plaza. I’m sure most 3DS players from launch day will have obtained all the Mii hats and 3D puzzle pieces by now, so Nintendo have thrown us even more hats and puzzle pieces! This is exciting time for those who enjoy wandering around hoping to meet unknown people and you can even obtain achievements to track your Mii collecting journey. I’m so going to visit Wales now I’ve got an achievement relevant to region hunting. to obtain. Hopefully I won’t have conquered the world by January and these new features will keep me going for a long time.

The rest of the update contains more minor enhancements. You can now join a friends online game in session which is great, though no way to communicate with words yet. Another great feature is on the eShop. One pound short on affording Freaky Forms? Now you can just get that pound to buy the game, rather than having to shell out ten quid each time. More impulses are guaranteed.

No dashboard changes and more ways to show off the features of the 3DS. How to do an update which shouldn’t annoy anyone. Unless you hate filming and carrying around a handheld. Then you’ll hate this.


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