KFC Supercharger

First thing, KFC have boosted up the prices on everything! Walking in with the aim to try out the new Supercharger burger, I was shocked to see how each item on the menu was about 50p more than before! Sure that cost isn’t too much, but when it comes to reasonable cheap eating out, that 50p makes all the difference. I think because of these new fees I will have to sell my body out to the street to keep KFC a regular venture. And £1.38 for that small box of popcorn chicken you see in the pick. Worth it? Worth it, my finger lickin’ ass. Anyway, the Supercharger. This consists of two mini fillets, a sub roll, some lettuce, cheese and the supercharger sauce. With this sub design, KFC have finally created a rival to Burger King’s chicken burger in a sub roll. Sub rolls do change things up a little bit, length over width and softer bread, for two. Grubbing down on the Supercharger is much like munching down on a standard fillet burger though. The Supercharger sauce really needs to stand out to make this meal relevant for a chance of a bright life on the menu. And the sauce is… I can just taste the cheese. Is the sauce cheese mixed with a little spice? Or was that just the cheese? I can certainly taste some gooey mixture, but I just can’t pick out what it is. I’m not the only one either, no sir, one guy on a table opposite was on the phone telling his friend he hadn’t a clue what it tasted off. Phone dropping, sorry. It might have made me feel supercharged after though, I was able to sit through a three-hour class about nothing much at all without fidgeting too much. But then that could also be the new hair dye numbing my brain, it might sink through all those little holes around the head.

The Supercharger is a tasty burger, but a tasty burger much like the other offerings KFC provide. It doesn’t quite have the wham the Brazier and that honey mustard one brought. And who wants to packs of chips as part of the meal? No one wants that put on them!


7 thoughts on “KFC Supercharger

  1. Thanks, found this blog on google. No info on the kfc website about the supercharger so this was very useful. Dont think I’ll bother, kfc was expensive enough for lunch (excluding the snack boxes) without them jacking up the prices again.

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