Nintendo Letter Box

Nintendo Letter Box
Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: December 22nd 2011

I think a drawing of a stick man with a speech bubble saying something would be better suited when talking about Nintendo letter Box. The something he was saying was very interesting, but the awful handwriting made it indecipherable. Something to look forward to for many Nintendo 3DS users thanks to Letter Box.

The application allows the user to draw or scribble, then send the notes to friends through SpotPass or StreetPass. This varies from the built-in doodle software on the old DS, no instant messaging, no pictures of rude body parts to send to strangers. Just to your close and personal friends, you can even send a photo of it this time with the new functions.

The formation of a letter allows a few things. You can draw in black and white, have the text pop out the screen in 3D, attach a photo, record a voice and pick some nice stationary. Options are simple, but the presentation is lovely. It gives a sense that these just aren’t scribbly emails, but a letter of love. You can choose a postcard presentation, include a picture of yourself, write ‘I will always be watching you’, then throw in a recording of heavy breathing. The receiver will surely love that.

It’s a shame the software can’t be used by pausing other software, it’s locked to the app. . You pull photos and recordings from the camera folder and 3DS Music apps, but if you want to take some fresh new recordings or pics, you have to boot out and go to the respective software. Feels a little awkward that integration isn’t quite as smooth as can be. A special online chat box to doodle to your friends instantly would have been welcome too, but then the letter feature would probably become unused.

Nintendo Letter Box finally allows some form of communication with that friend list. With simple and easy to use options, everyone can produce something worth receiving in the online mail.But expect lots of cocks instead.



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