Xbox And 3DS On A Video Adventure

Since the new flat and square update, the 360 has been on a roll with new applications to make use of. A fair few of them are charged for subscription services, but there are some freebies for users on Gold. YouTube! Dailymotion! 4OD! Then we have MSN, Demand 5 and Muzu.


YouTube is perhaps the one most people will jump to, and most countries get this app. Now you can search for Keyboard Cat while live. The layout is much the same throughout all the applications, a selection of options to switch through at the top, smaller boxes in the options. HD videos look good and it seemed to search through everything I looked for quickly. Nausicaa Vally Of The Wind theme blaring out my set without having to watch the film, oh yes. Only thing to moan about is the virtual keypad. Going left and right through the letters is slow and painful, I got aching thumbs after. A problem through all the apps though.  Also not all videos can be found here. A lot of music is… missing. Only seem to be able to find live stuff on Queens Of The Stone Age for example. Still, probably the best way I’ve seen to show people funny cat videos.


Much the same as YouTube, a way to search for all those videos you love to waste time to. The difference here seems to be a slight layout shuffle. A selection of genres are available and clicking automatically brings up a range of videos instantly, playing in the background as you scroll. Videos searched for don’t seem to load up as quickly as YouTube at the minute. The Naruto video I tried to load never came. Out of chakra.


MSN differs from YouTube and Dailymotion, provided content not made by users. News, entertainment, lifestyle and classic tv are the options to pick from and this makes for a more consistent experience. New videos are easy to find and the classic tv option is pretty ace. All of League of Gentlemen and Peep Show? Yes please. Shame some of the quality is a little rough.


Never heard of Muzu till now, a music based video service. Music interviews, videos and all official. The front page shows us such great artists as Little Mix, Olly Murs and Chris Brown, but something aimed at the majority was never going to headline The Knife. Tucked into genres good music is hiding and it is great to try to create MTV back when it was about music. They have some The Knife videos by the way, which was a pleasant surprise. Nothing like having their music videos filling the TV. Streaming ranges from good to crap. We Share Our Mother’s Health was buffering like I was on a dial-up connection.


4OD and Demand 5 are the beginning of the free TV players for catching up on shows. Never miss Deal Or No Deal again!  Classic Collections like MSN are very welcome, better quality than MSN too. A success and probably the only service so far I can see myself using on a regular basis.

Demand 5

Much the same as 4OD but without anything worth watching. The place were crap shows are sent to die. Well, that may not be the case these days. Been a long time since I’ve ventured onto the channel, and I did hear they were picking up more American drama. Hard to search really as Demand 5 is currently out of service, a great start to a new app. When I did have a look earlier in the week, all I remembered was Neighbours being on the front page. The number one soap for students, or is that Home And Away.

Nintendo didn’t want to miss out with the video service app craze, so gave 3DS owners Euro Sport to enjoy. Videos are injected into the device as you walk past wi-fi spots. The sport related content so far consists of cars crashing and people falling off bikes.


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