Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D
Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Players: 1
Price: 400 ms points
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date: 5th May 1992 (Original)/5th  June 2009 (xbla)
iD Software, Nerve Software

In Wolfenstein, one man must save the world from the evil Nazis. A whole castle full of them, and Hitler suited up in robot gear. The story never told in the war, time to get psyched!

Wolfenstein 3D back in the day made the first person shooter genre popular. Taking on the evil Nazis with chunky visuals and quick paced gunplay, the game was an impressive feat. It set out the standard formula for those games which came after, so Wolfenstein is an incredibly important piece of video game history. Brought back for Xbox Live Arcade, the game remains largely untouched. Please the fans and confuse the new generation at the same time.

The game is archaic. Your character can only fire straight in front, only four weapons to choose from and levels built like twisted labyrinths. It runs faster than a racing game and hiding in a corner won’t regenerate health. This is the grand daddy of FPS, and the type were his grand kids won’t go and see him as he lies in hospital.

His parents still pop over as they remember his energetic and healthy days with nostalgia. ‘Remember when you found a secret passage to a room full of turkey? And that time you spent half an hour lost in a cellar?’As the parents relive this moment they see their father step out of bed and stretch his legs. His youth seems to have returned and he shines brighter than he has done before, his son proclaiming it is just like HD. He whizzes out the room and shows the hospital that he still has some life left in his body. The hospital patients all cheer, except for a lone boy sulking by a window. He didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, all he saw was a tired old man chasing Nazis long gone.



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