South Park Comic Annual 2012

South Park Annual 2012
Release Date: 2011

Two episodes turned into a comic format and some pictures makes up an annual. Really? If I was in charge of a South Park annual I’d want character biographies, interviews, facts, episode guide for last season, merchandise of 2011 and comics of new stories. But alas, this is merchandise made to fill stockings. Comic cuts two eps from the earlier series and it kind of works in comic format. Lots of panels of the same stuff and stupid narration makes it feel lazy, but it shows how good the show is, with excellent dialogue and good pacing. Next year they should put me in charge. In stores I see dozens of annuals, what must they contain! I was brought up on Beano annuals with new comics and great presentation, been spoilt I guess.

I did check a Rihanna one out once though, for research purposes and all. Yes.


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