Black Cat Volume 7: Time For Vengeance

Black Cat Volume 7: Time For Vengeance
Story and Art: Kentaro Yabuki
Release Date: 9th March 2002
Covers Chapters 58-67
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

Volume 7 reveals the author of Black Cat was twenty two at the time. Twenty two with seven volumes under his belt plus a short series before. I’m 22! When I see people my age or younger producing popular comics , books and the like, I get a little envious! With New Year coming I need to set myself some burning goals, which won’t burn my motivation up.

Volume 7 continues the set of missions Train, Sven and Eve undertake. They have no bearing to the plot at large, only the opening recruitment of thief Rinslet Walker moves the plot forward. The agency, Chronos, which train used to be part of want to battle the evil Apostles of the Stars group and they want Rinslet to draw Train near. No. VII Jenos appears to convince the lady, but it takes a little showcase of his skills and a promise of teamwork to woo her over. It continues to slowly set the main meat of the story up, but we quickly move back to Sweeper duty.

Two stories, one of town and another of revenge. Both events may be largely filler in terms of the rest of the manga, but for Train it brings back memories of his past, providing us with more hints at what type of guy he was. In the town he visits he remembers his Sweeper friend Sayu, who moved here when she was living. We learn she was much like Train, but before we delve in deeper the story moves on.

The second story is more interesting as Train helps a kid to get revenge on some cops who killed his father. Train thinks back to when he was a child and we finally learn what happened to his parents. Needless to say, it shares themes with the kids problems. Random adventures with glimpses of the past reminds me of the way the anime series Cowboy Bebop handled things. But with less jazz and stand out moments.

While the series continues down a path of standard moral stories, it seems to have more life than the last volume. Characters seem to show more expressions and individual traits, while the art has picked up a notch with cool action scenes and detailed close up shots of the cast. I feel I can spend many adventures with the Black Cat, not to taxing, not too boring. Easy afternoon comic reading. For a twenty two year old he is doing great! Still packing that envy.


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