Nintendo Gamer

Nintendo Gamer
Editor: Charlotte Martyn
Monthly Magazine

Previously known as NGamer, Nintendo Gamer is the new look redesign for my favourite magazine, offering more pages packed with Nintendo goodness and insane nonsense from the hilarious team. There were a few concerns the fun may have been sucked out in the cleaner design, but this is put to rest the moment you open up and see Iwata Asks with Nick Clegg. Hey, I read backwards!

The excellent, intelligent and often stomach cramping hilarious writing is present throughout, and the new features and expanded retro sections show this is an explosion of Nintendo love. Lists of the best games on every Nintendo format ever made (except the Virtual Boy, Game And Watch and now I’m just being picky) which brings back many fond memories of the days I’d be looking forward to a new Banjo Kazooie game rather than a new Call Of Duty. There is even a feature which involves the readers going against the judge to see which games are more worthy of being placed in the top 25 retro lists. Mischief Makers should surely be in the N64 one! King tricycle finding and cat missile surfing demands it.

The extra pages don’t feel as if they’re floundering for extra material, it feels more like the mini retro sections and full-blown features have space to breath and really go to town. I love the replay and time warp features, looking back at games of old and the new features show the fan side and the future nicely. This is the ultimate Nintendo magazine even better than before, showing that a magazine should incorporate more than previews and reviews. From NES all the way to the Wii U, this has something for every different fan of Nintendo.


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