JoeRayW’s Top Five Games: 2011 Edition

Top five was easy for games this year. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, FIFA 12, Battlefield 3, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 and F1 2011! … Of course you’d never see those titles in my top five, unless somehow they were the only five games I’d played this year, not like I’d make a top five when I’d just played five titles…

OK, I would. It has been an incredible year for games this year however and it has been really tough to pick my top five. Well it wasn’t that tough, just the deciding factor if I could include The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D. Being a fancy port I have left it out, but it is the best port of the year, believe it! Now onto the top five.

5. Dead Or Alive Dimensions (20th May 2011) – 3DS

The best 3DS game of the year not involving an elf. Ocarina has the unfair advantage of being the best game ever made thrown onto the system in lovely 3D, Dead Or Alive Dimensions is all new. Well not completely, it is more of a best of Dead Or Alive, all the previous games stories condensed and squashed into the cart. With beautiful 3D ladies with bouncing… with large… with a hop in their step, it is a real looker. The fighting game is incredibly fluid and furious with the counter system making it flow like a river. It is packed full of content too with story, arcade, tag team, time attack, survival, trophy collecting, local play and online. Months after completing the game I’m still back to up my rank and obtain a few more trophies. A handheld game should allow quick bursts and effortless gameplay, Dead Or Alive has that along with tit… titillating combat. I play as a guy, alright! He looks a bit feminine though.

4. Kirby’s Epic Yarn (25th February 2011) – Wii

The pink blob has had a good year. In twelve months we have seen Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Kirby’s Adventure Wii, Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby’s Dreamland Virtual Console release and 3D Classics Kirby’s Adventure. He has gotten about, but he hasn’t gone flat on us once. Epic Yarn is the best of the years Kirby delights, a world of Yarn making a striking visual style. While the 2D platformer is a little basic to run through, playing it with the aim to collect all the gems and secrets changes it into something else entirely. Throw in a friend to help and the initially simple platformer turns into a challenging collectathon with a buddy who isn’t there to just run behind and watch you do everything. Plus the soft cake ground which sinks as you walk on it is the best ground to walk on in any game ever. Ever.

3. Shadows Of The Damned (24th June 2011) – 360/PS3

Garcia ‘Fucking’ Hotspur and his skull buddy Johnson, on a quest to save Garcia’s girlfriend from Hell. That should be enough to make you want to play it, but maybe the knowledge that this plays like Resident Evil 4 but with aiming and moving allowed will convince you further. Hell is a series of Victorian style housing and neon lit strip clubs, and the monsters which charge at you are perfect fodder for the heavy weaponry at your disposal. At first. Progress through the often hilarious and stylish shooter is not a one note road trip, instead the weaponry evolves with new features, puzzles involving light and dark continue to offer conundrums and the enemies become puzzles themselves. It has you always taking part in the cool moments and the story is one hell of a ride. It even has a lovely short story collection to enjoy which inspired my own. Can’t say that about many games, can you? Also features the joy of watching Garcia’s girlfriend dying in many many ways. Hot.

2. ilomilo (5th January 2011)-  XBLA

ilomilo is the best game of the year that most will have overlooked or never heard of. A tale of two cute… things, which end up separated in the patch work cube worlds. It is the players job to bring the two together, which can be done alone or with a friend. The concept is simple but the game evolves each world with new gimmicks and features to keep it fresh. The art style fights with Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the sweetest looking game and the music had me humming for weeks, to the point were someone threatened to stab me if I kept it up. It gets mind-boggling, but never seemingly impossible, and the world of box animals, bossy babies and the interactive trumpet band mean you will never give up. If you don’t get this, you’re probably too busy getting Prestige for the 80th time on COD.

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword (18th November 2011) – Wii

There was no competition really. Skyward Sword shows how fun motion controls can be, while at the same time delivering the best Zelda in the series. Free falling from the sky into the world full of mysteries below starts it all off, and what a world it is. The game is more condensed than past entries, but the constant barrage of new exciting ideas make it the Mario Galaxy of the Zelda series. One minute you’ll be flying through the sky on a giant bird, shortly after you’ll be sailing through a desert, the sand turning to water as your time powered machine sails on by. The weapon selection brings new joys such as mechanical beetle flying and a Luigi’s Mansion style vacuum cleaner. Up till the very final fight the game keeps on giving and the gorgeous watercolour style, orchestral score and strong cast of characters add the icing to a very tasty cake. No game this year offers as many constant surprises and delights, only some archaic side quests try to get in the way of perfection.If you like games, you’ll like this.

Looks like next year is going to have to work hard to beat out this excellent selection of games. But it seems games are getting better each year, probably due to the competition between Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Competition is healthy and 2011 shows. With Dead Or Alive 5, Lollipop Chainsaw, the Wii U and Mass effect 3, looks like it will only get better.


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