JoeRayW’s 2011

2011 was the year of the time traveling robot. Each month it’d pop up and zap me away to a later date, the bastard! Only way to explain the briefness of the year and all those strange gaps. Maybe I’m just trying to forget? Nope, time traveling robot who happens to be a dick.

2011 I felt was my year of evolution. If it wasn’t an evolution it could only be considered a major dead end fuck up. The wiggle meter of yearly excitement stated off high, dipped, then stayed in a straight line somewhere below the middle. Well a straight line probably isn’t right. Not even the meds could keep it straight. So an evolution gradually took place, and then the year ends.

I didn’t really think much of 2011, the robot didn’t give me much of a chance to care. He was great help, the robot in my head.  Goodbye 2011, I enjoyed the confusing opening, the soul sucking middle and lesson learning finale.


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