Currently Listening To: Nirvana – Nevermind Deluxe Edition

Nirvana – Nevermind Deluxe Edition
Release Date: 24th September 1991 (Original) / September 2011 (Deluxe)
Genre: Grunge
Universal Music Enterprises

20 years ago on my second birthday, Nevermind blew minds away. Not I, it would be a long time before Nirvana touched me, long after the band has collapsed. With the 20th Anniversary deluxe edition, I can grab it on day one and live those grunge days how they did back then. Not quite the same really though, is it?

The album is now two discs, with the first containing the original album remastered with a collection of B-sides and live songs, and the second disc compiling a collection of session performances. It is a large quantity of Nirvana to get through, but most of the extras are a little rubbish. For the ears anyway. The Boombox Rehearsals are songs from the album, but in a rawer unpolished form and there are three versions of ‘Something In The Way’ and ‘Polly’ to enjoy. Much like the Weezer Pinkerton Deluxe Edition, the extra content feels like it is there to fill up the feature list, rather than giving us a wide variety of the bands hidden gems. Some will love this stuff though, the ones who watch every extra feature on a blu-ray perhaps.I’m learning it is what to expect from these Deluxe Editions now, but I’m thankful the track order is a little more carefully out together than the Pinkerton clusterfuck.

Putting aside the content, Nevermind is still an incredible album, not as good as In Utero to me, but still a blast. Pretty much everyone enjoys ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Come As You Are’, making everyone a Nirvana fan of some kind. How many artists have two songs the world can agree on liking? The remaster pushes things into loud territory, making for a slightly poor remixing, but good for my quiet CD player. It needs the boost, and there is always the original to attend to. Making the Deluxe Edition a little moot for most. Has some great unreleased tracks though! ‘Dive’ and ‘Sappy’ make up some of the fresh new experiences from a long dead band. Which were probably already loitering on the net somewhere.


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