Source Code (Blu-ray/DVD)

Source Code
Release Date: 1st April 2011
Directors: Duncan Jones
Rating: 12
Summit Entertainment, The Mark Gordan Company, Vendome Pictures

The film I chose as my number one of 2011, now viewed in Blu-ray. This is my first Blu-ray experience, a double pack so I can still watch it in my own film playing devices, but the Blu-ray was the one to view while home. So crisp you can see each wrinkle on that ladies face. Soften it up a little, will ya?

On second viewing, Source Code is still an exciting film about one man who has eight minutes to find the bomber on a train. And then another eight minutes, then another, as he keeps going back thanks to the Source Code program. It could have been an incredibly confusing premise to explain, but the film manages to make it clear for the viewer, perhaps at the expense of some subtlety. Jake Gyllenhaal plays his role well, full of emotion and frustration a she comes to terms with his situation and the people on the train he starts to warm up to. The Blu-ray picture really does make a difference, switching from Blu-ray to DVD showed the sharp images soften up, but not in the pleasing way you’d imagine. Crisp is good, crisp is the future! Though I despite the clear improvement, I don’t think the improvement is big enough for me to always jump for the double packs. Just for the occasional film, a little treat, or a classic purchase. The extra features above a DVD rarely matter.

Still good, but showing a few slight flaws of strict in your face storytelling I missed last time, Source Code was a good first choice in my Blu-Ray experience. A great film tackling a complicated concept, made easy for all and most importantly, fun to watch. It would be great to replay eight minutes of the past, but seeing as it doesn’t do anything, it would be a little pointless. Unless we receive that cheesy ending too. Film review

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2 thoughts on “Source Code (Blu-ray/DVD)

  1. I mean the ending of the movie makes the movie, and this movie has the worst ending ever. After being told through the whole movie that everything has happened and can’t be changed, with nothing showing that he was making changes in the real world, then all of the sudden he changes it all? Now had he contacted Goodwin on the phone, or something we could see where hey guess what he can change it, then it would be different. that obviously didn’t happen, and it ruined a good movie. You are right about the Blu-ray picture, I find it amazing. I didn’t used to get Blu-rays when I was with Netflix because they charged extra, but once I went to the Blockbuster movie pass I decided that since Blu-ray’s aren’t extra now I would just rent them whenever possible. for $10.00 a month I have seen many great movies in Blu-ray now, and I can see why its the next step. Was it just me or did you think Jake Gyllenhaal looked like a hamster in an exercise wheel in between the train shots? I asked a co worker at DISH and she hit me, she must like him a little more then I do.

  2. The ending is incredibly important in a movie, and Source Code stuck on that final Hollywood ending onto what should have been the proper ending, but I think what came before was fantastic. A little unfair to drag down a film because it might have gone in a little wonky at the end. But I thought the idea was he lived through this world he made, rather than changing the world he was already in. So he now lives in another dimension, which is a little corny, but was slowly built up.

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