I seem to have been hit by a Negative Hollow today. A Negative Hollow is a spirit formed from the powers of the devil fruit, and anyone touched by these ghosts will become incredibly negative. They brushed through and now I can only think of negative things. A list just for you:

  • I want to die and be reborn as a brussel sprout, but no one likes them anyway so it would do no good.
  • I’d for a walk, but I’d probably fall over in the wind and my trousers would fall down. At this point a bus would drive past full of attractive girls.
  • If I cook a meal it would give me food poisoning for weeks. The meal in question would have been beans on toast.
  • The message I left last night will forever remain unanswered. Lost within a mountain of crap. A beautiful album of cats, forever unloved.
  • I have a bigger hole in the wall to look forward to when I get back. Yes.

Woah, I feel just like I usually do! The Negative Hollows failed, much like Usopp, I’m already negative!

What you least want to happen is what most likely will happen.


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