Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!

Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!
Format: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Price: £5.40
Players: 1
Genre: Creator, Platformer
Release Date: 10th November 2011
Nintendo, Asobism Co., Ltd.

When someone posts a comment on my WordPress Blog, if they don’t have a picture a strange creature comes up instead. These creatures look like a random mix of shapes slapped together, something that wouldn’t look out of place in Freakyforms, Your Creations, Alive!. Putting shapes together to make loveable ugly monsters is concept and anyone can make something of worth thanks to the accessible creation tools. If you can’t make even a monster, what hope is there in your life?

Creation is the key of Freakyforms, and while it keeps things rather limited with a twenty piece limit and a collection of shapes you slowly unlock, the game is great fun when it comes to making things. A typical monster consists of a body, a head, eyes, mouth, nose, arms, legs and maybe a flair or accessory to finish it off. You can switch legs for wheels, or have both, and wings and fins are also options to make a monster ready for any terrain. The subtle 3D on the simple visuals makes a pleasing cardboard cut out look to the world too. It’s like a scrap book springing alive.

When it comes to making your monster, it is just a case of pulling shapes and using the simple options to re-size or flip. Everything is kept simple, but there is enough options for creativity to abound and it means anyone can get to grips with the game. I created eighty freaks on my journey. On a good day it would be a crazy professor with wings for ears. On a bad day it would be a blob with eyes. Whatever the case, the only limit is your imagination. You can make a big poop with eyes if you really want.

While the creation impresses, the game does not. Once you have made a mess of joy, you have the option to explore four side scrolling environments. You control the game with the style, touch edges to make the creature walk in that direction, or use the circle in the middle for jumping and flight. It is rather awkward and the quickest way to get around is hopping. It won’t be long the controls start to irritate, button controls as an option would have been most welcome.

While you battle with the strange controls there are coins to collect, food to eat and quests to complete. Coins let you buy parts or spin a wheel for a timed special bonus. Food makes eggs or poop, the former usually awarding you with coins. Quests tend to be fetch quests and these award you again, with coins. Shame there is hardly anything to spend the money you gain and all you seem to be doing is a bunch of pointless crap so you can do more pointless crap somewhere else. Fun.

The creative aspect kept me hooked however. Despite the tedious chore like nature of the games actual game, the quest for more forms and trophies kept me going. There is much fun to be had from meeting a giant gorilla that talks in a cherry hyperactive bout of gibberish. Flushing your first golden poop away feels like a mighty satisfying dump and painting the world how you choose makes it feel like your own. With QR photo sharing there is the option to spread your designs over the world and AR functionality and StreetPass make for a packed download oddity. If you like to be creative, this will pull out your strange side. And maybe my Mr. Pom will visit your planet some day, and take a big golden dump on it.



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