Galaxy Orange and Shortcake

On the hunt for a new healthy diet I found this. Orange and Shortcake should surely count as one of my five a day! It seems this new formation of chocolate, biscuit and fruit is just the thing for those with difficult New Year Resolutions. Hurray for Galaxy! What do you mean it doesn’t count?

The bar is pretty good, for a special new flavour bar which will vanish from stores after three months. Small pieces of biscuit compliment the piece and the orange bring in a minor hint of tang. Minor and complimentary may not be enough to go centre stage with the chocolate, but without them it would just be a milk chocolate. And what would be the point in that? It reminded me a lot of the chocolate chip Galaxy but with the occasional lump of fruit sticking out.

On the chocolate bar league table I think it ranks above the Toffee Apple monstrosity Cadbury’s released a year or so ago, the orange only makes up 5% of the bar so it doesn’t feel like your eating anything healthy. You aren’t, so that’s good, I guess. The only bar with bits of fruit I’ve been able to tolerate, maybe I can try a full orange some day?


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