Skittles Crazy Cores

Didn’t Guzzle Puzzle teach people anything? Making sweets with the selling point of combination just don’t work! Skittles are at it this time with Crazy Cores. On the outside you get one flavour, on the inside you get another. Crazy! Strawberry and watermelon in one little brightly coloured sphere? A thing of dreams.

On opening the packet and letting the sweets roll out, they look like your normal innocent Skittles. Perhaps a little more radiant, but normal looking nonetheless. I quite like the bright blue ones, they look like I’m eating some really sugary and dangerous. The secret of these sweets are in the insides and I experienced watermelon, peach, lemonade and some type of berry. The tastes are strong and I think watermelon should be thrown into the regular mix, because these Crazy Cores are only going to sink off the face of the Earth.

I got strong fruity tastes, sometimes tasting a little of car air fresheners, but I didn’t get combination. The insides are so strong, the shell has no chance of breaking in and making themselves known, even on a subtle level. I asked Barry Burrito, the man with the world’s most incredible taste buds and asked him to give them a go.

‘So, what did you think Barry?’

‘I don’t know what is going on anymore.’

And there you have it. Even Barry doesn’t know why Crazy Cores are crazy.


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