The New Kit Kat Chunky Collection (Minus Peanut Butter, Ewww!)

Peanut butter is something I can’t handle. I remember a time I had a peanut butter sandwich at a party and had to rush to the toilets and let it go. It isn’t easy to have a heavy dislike for something. In life it would be the best to get through loving everything, but life is all about likes and dislikes. You can’t truly love everything, hatred lies in all our hearts. Maybe from the seven deadly sins or just the body rejecting what you want to embrace. If they have tasting surgeons as they have face surgeons I would adjust it so peanut butter would be welcome, but alas I hate the stuff.

It seems the world loves peanut butter though, and out of the four new Kit Kat Chunky flavours it is winning the race for Chunky Champion. I just focus my attention on the other contestants. Mr. Orange, Miss. White Choc and Sir Double Choc. I must pledge support on the floundering chunksters.

I started on Orange and was welcomed by the stench of the stuff upon opening the foil. Artificial orange smell mind you, I’ve never met an orange with this sort of B.O. Taste wise it is just like the standard Kit Kat Orange, but stinking it up on a chunky model. It is as expected really, the only surprise is why it hasn’t been available as a standard flavour all this time. It feels a little unfair for the regular to have to compete on a new size, but much like anything, that’s life. After consuming, the orange smell sticks around for some time. Artificial orange.

Next up I went for White Choc. I’ve never been much of a fan of this on a standard Kit Kat and it is the same here. For some reason it doesn’t taste all that much like the white chocolate you find from other bars on the shelf, and I get a strange lemony after taste. I know no lemon has even got close to this bar, but I always get that strange sense. Like something is wrong, and I pin it on lemons. For a Kit Kat White Choc lover this should still disappoint. All that fat and still the same measly layer of the stuff. Doesn’t make use of the extra weight gain it has to play with. Like a hippo in a silk dress.

Double Choc was my final bar and my god, my insides exploded! Not literally of course, or I’d be dead, but the thick chocolatey goodness lying within is intense. Much like the excellent chocolate Club biscuit, it has a thick layer of soft chocolate under the outer skin, making fantastic use of the Chunky’s body fat. If someone put a box of these in front of me, I’d Turn into a Double Choc Kit Kat Chunky. So sweet and probably the most likely to form diabetes than the other bars.

In conclusion, Double Choc wins. The sweetest taste, the most practical use of the bar. Peanut Butter was disqualified for the promise of being abusive to my body. More so than the others. I pledge my support on the Double Choc and may it rule the shelves in months to come. Though Peanut Butter is winning. The jerk.


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