Achievements Of January 2012

Endurance isn’t an easy thing. Putting in a rigid daily schedule to get things moving is something which should be taken slowly and steadily. Many already live a stiff routine, and it still seems a while before I can endure so much. Sloth is a hard bitch to kill.

January then brought a number of achievements.

  • Four days a week gym workathon
  • 7.30 a.m wake up call everyday except weekends!
  • Work block before lunch to get things done.
  • Take any event and competition and run with it!
  • Defeat Dracula.
  • Eat more apples.

Some rather simple tasks, but keeping it up for the first time and making it something normal was a toughie. And then a cold threatens to break it all down! Hard to gain, easy to lose. Much like everything except fat.

Achievements of the month total up to 3261.


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