HP Pavilion G

What does the G stand for? Agent G just won’t say. but it probably means Garry. After my Toshiba slowly turned into a spluttering arthritic old man, I needed some young blood. So I bought Garry.

I don’t know much about laptops. I knew the one I had before this took twenty minutes to boot up, half an hour to run out of battery and two hours of internet time before it decided it had enough. Garry is blue and seems to run a lot quicker, not hounded by problems gathered through age. Or maybe all that porn brought some nasty STD’s with it.

Ten minutes out the box and it already has dust brushing up against the laptops outside. The TV must have been flaking off some dandruff. But dust gatherer aside, I love the blue. I can just close it and watch it sleep all night. Aww, Garry.

So I’m happy. I like how it looks, like how it runs and hopefully my new knowledge of things like CCleaner will give it a long life. I really know little about laptops, but me and Garry will get along fine. This should hopefully mean that I won’t get frustrated trying to write haiku’s or food reviews from now on. A healthy laptop means a healthy writer, is what they always say. I think.


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