Aero Orange Bubbles

Orange joins the bubble range! Looks delightful on the shelf, a real stand out performance. Orange works well as an attention grabber, along with yellow and toxic waste green.

The orange aero bubbles are all about attention, the first reaction when opening the bag is to pull back and try to block the mighty stench. The insides really pong, not of oranges, but of some strange alien substance chocolate companies like to think resembles the fruit. The smell isn’t inviting, and sure to be as offensive as sour cream Pringles in a cinema.

On the tasting the orange is pretty strong. Much like the orange Aero bars it is incredibly intoxicating and sickly, managing a full bag of these alone is a test of endurance. They don’t have the freshness of mint or the safety of chocolate, these orange balls are pretty intense. The soft bubbly Aero magic still leads to a good time, but the more orange chocolate products that come out, the more I wonder how it remains a firm favourite flavour. Probably the colour.


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