Joe Ray Cooks! Insalata Caprese (With Sausages)

Woah… been a few years since I’ve done one of these! I had the strong desire to cook awaken within me once more though and I was thinking healthy too. With an insalate caprese, or a cheese and tomato salad as I like to call it, I knew I couldn’t go wrong. But I added sausages anyway. Call it a personal touch.

Let’s make salad!

To make this dish of excellence, here is what you’ll need:

  • A ball of mozzarella
  • A tomato
  • A leaf of basil
  • Some oil
  • Some salt
  • Some black pepper
  • Some vinegar
  • Two sausages

What’s with this some of this and some of that I hear you moan, but don’t worry, not much is needed. Probably mere teaspoons and I’m guessing you don’t have less than mere teaspoons. When it comes down to it a few drops here and there equate to some. Or just put it down as a teaspoon or two. Obviously increase amounts if you are making for more.

The Making Of 

First of all grab a decent sized tomato and slice it up. Good clean slices leaving you with little tomato circles. Then cut those circles in half. To see one juicy tomato formed into perfect little semicircles is beauty in itself. Of course mine weren’t perfect, and as you can see, it looks like I was doing some gutting rather than cutting. What can I say, I do things raw and real.
Next up we must deal with the ball of mozzarella. You can buy these anywhere really and they are super cheap. Tescos, Asda, Sainbury’s, HMV… everywhere.

Open the back over a sink and let the water flow out, then pull out the slimy ball of cheesy gunk. I haven’t dealt with mozzarella in this way before and was startled to find it in this slightly gross form. It looks like something Piccolo would puke out in Dragon Ball when he wanted to create some new monsters! So cut this monster up like the tomato.

With the pieces created, stick them all together in a line on a plate. Make it look presentable with tomato, cheese alternation. Once you have this lovely looking row, grab that basil leaf and tear it to shreds. Really let your anger out on the thing. Like the time you missed the bus because the snail was too slow in front. Or when you want to punch someone’s face in for talking about Adele. Ooooaaaahhh! I think I have anger problems.

It should look ready to eat by this point, even letting off a heavenly glow if you use flash photography. But don’t be fooled, this salad is still in need of a sauce! And now the salt, vinegar and oil comes into play.

Sprinkle a little but of salt in a bowl, then a few drops of vinegar. Mix it all about and then pour a touch of oil in. More mixing. It shouldn’t look like much and the mixing most likely will consist of scraping the bottom of the bowl wondering when the magic happens, but the sauce is being made. Once you grow bored of the mixing process, slowly drip it onto the salad. Then add black pepper.

And there we have it! A cheesy, tomatoey salad to enjoy! But get your hands off it! It is time for the king ingredient to make himself known. Enter… the sausage!

While vegetarians can forget about this next step and jump in, for those who like our meals a little meaty, we have to wait just a little long. Cook two sausages, one for each side of the salad train and cut them up into little chunks for presentations sake. I don’t think I need to go into the art of cooking a sausage, but you can grill it, fry it or oven cook it. Hell you can BBQ it if you really want.

The sausage really made the dish come alive for me, and while it takes the point out of a salad a little (a lot) it tastes damn good. Enjoy and may my hunger for cooking continue! Next time… chocolate cake (with sausages).


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