Release Date: 2nd February 2011
Director: William Eubank 
New Dog Media, Griffin Interplanetary Studios, Five VFX, Zoic Studios, Company 3

In space, you might get a little lonely. The popular band Angels And Airwaves who I don’t really like are behind this space age tale of a man stuck in space, but I won’t let my distaste to their music get in the way. This is a beautiful blend of shiny visuals and haunting music. Maybe they are better with the art of film?

Love tells the story of space man Lee Miller, who is keeping check of a space station, quickly loses contact with Earth and must deal with being alone. That’s it really apart from a twist at the end. For nearly an hour and a half we put up with Lee trying to keep his cool. It tries to deal with the feeling of isolation and that love is needed to progress as a human being.

A film can run on a simple concept, but Love really struggles. Lee isn’t a particular interesting character, and his  ways of beating solitude seem more like ways to beat brief boredom. Playing cards with yourself, drawing doodles or talking to yourself is common practise when I grow bored in the day, though don’t tell anyone, okay?There is nothing to like about him and nothing to dislike, he is just there, stranded in space.

The decent soundtrack and really nice camera work which has us rolling slowly around the cockpit, closing in on Lee’s sweat drops, or admiring the vivid display of space itself, are working with material it shouldn’t be. The artistic aspects deserve a better script than this. It feels more like an extended music video with some mundane story thrown in, and it doesn’t help matters when the last twenty minutes focus on surreal and striking visual scenes which serve to confuse rather than deliver a promising conclusion to the painfully slow story. And anything that the visuals should be conveying are told. No room for thought.

I think I’ve been spoilt with the likes of Moon popping up in recent years and Love just wanders through space, lost and confused. It doesn’t add anything, tell anything new or show any emotion other than boredom. It is nice to see a band try other things, but there is a reason they deal with music and not movies. There is one scene I loved however. The image of an astronaut waiting at a bus stop. That was the only moment which really grabbed me. I was in love, for one brief moment.


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