The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 1: Introduction

And so, the project begins full throttle.

On Friday 17th 2012 I received an email that I would be doing an internet video for Typhoo Tea. £100 and a box of promotional items is what I’ll be obtaining sometime soon, and in the next few weeks I’ll be going through the process of making it a reality. I completed a package with an overview, treatment, storyboard and analysis and it was picked along with another four ideas. So here we have a developer diary to take you through the process up till the release of this internet video. Time for me to panic.

But I mustn’t panic too much, nothing gets done when you panic too much, only when you panic a little. The video is going to be a piece of social media which involves getting the public involved. I’m not very good with the public, so the panic sets in again. I can’t do this alone and this is where you come in! I’ll need people to help out with the project, from actors to moral support. Together we can make an internet sensation! Or something else entirely… a monster soaked in tea.

So things begin with Typhoo tea! That’s not the slogan is it? Get back your OO with Typhoo! More like it.


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