The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 2: Recruitment

It was when I stood in a Screen School office obtaining my box of Typhoo treats that it hit me. It hit me in the gut that this thing is real It’s happening. In a few weeks which seem to be moving at the speed of a Ferrari the video will have been made and it will be out there in Typhoos’ caffeine smelling hands. But at the minute, I’m all on my own with some ideas but no stacked actors or crew. And this is where I need you! Yes you reading this right now! You may not know it yet, but this is your time to shine.

I’m playing director in the project, it is my concept after all, but I’m in need of people to become involved in the following roles:

  • Actors: And a lot of them too. I need as many of you as I can to create a bar scene. Those who are a little shy can be part of the background atmosphere, though those who wants to become a little more involved with the video have that opportunity too. I’m thinking the setting will be the student union, it is the place I’m going to be gaining filming permission from and I’m sure they will welcome some people, last I checked there was just the bar man entertaining himself with gasoline. There is a script in place, but it is easy to follow! No manic plot twists here, just good old banter.
  • Music Man: Now I’m still fine tuning the script so it works in the public setting I’ve been told to use, but a bit of music to edit in would be most excellent. Also avoids paying music royalties. I think dance would work, but I’m open to any type as long as it fits the theme.
  • Film and Edit: I’ve only ever created a video once, back when I was 14. It was stitched together by recording over unwanted footage with clips from movies which fit the story. Of course this isn’t going to cut it so I’ll need a partner to bring my vision to life! I will feel a lot more comfortable with someone masterfully bringing it all together and editing it in to a masterpiece.

And I think that is everything. If you want your 30 seconds of fame or to be part of something which should look pretty swish on a CV get in touch and let’s make this come alive. I’m thinking of filming on the 10th or 11th of March so make sure you’ll be free around then. I’ll have a solid date once I’ve gone to the Union to talk about it, which will be tomorrow or Monday.

Contact Details:


For those who know me personally you can message me on Facebook or text me.

I can pay people in tea bags, though if I win I’ll split the prize money with the film editor who will be taking on half the work. But if we don’t, it will have been good times all round.


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