The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 3: Getting Pumped

The thought of getting a crew together to create a thirty-second video in less than a month is terrifying. I can see myself gradually losing hair, gaining wrinkles and flipping out on some tea cups. But, while I have the chance, before things get really intense and heavy on my fragile mind, it’s time to get pumped.

The first attempt to get really into the mind of an amateur film maker was to stick Son Of Rambow on. The film tells a story of two kids who want to recreate Rambo for a film project. The main kid who has never been subjected to the magic of television before goes nuts when he sees First Blood, and so his over active imagination turns the film into the Son Of Rambow. A sweet film which shows that you should be careful who you let into the film, lest it no longer be yours.

So with the energy of the Son Of Rambow on my side, I shall march forwards as the Son Of Typhoo and create something which is full of energy and spirit! I think they might expect my final video to look a little more polished though…


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