The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 4: An Unboxing

The internet love unboxing things, so here is my own showcase for you all. After winning the chance to make the video, I also had a box of goodies to pick up to aid production. When I was given the box and walked outside I could feel the intense weight of the box. It wasn’t a physical weight, but a mental one. In my mind this box represented the expectations people had on me. I wanted to just throw it over a wall and be done with it. But it sits in the corner of my room reminding me that soon this will be coming into full fruition. It haunts me every night going ‘oo’.

Tearing it open I was nearly blinded by the red Typhoo products gleaming from within.  A standard production pack contains one box of tea, two bags of eco-friendly tea, two mugs, a cheque of one hundred pounds and some disposable cups. With my production being possibly something large-scale, I asked for double. That’s three hundred and twenty bags of tea right there. Sheesh.

I was quite pleased that the disposable cups were Typhoo branded, it almost makes it a shame that they are in fact disposable. The mugs brought me back to my Gran who has a few of them kicking about and the cheque made my eyes light up and think of mp3 players and other none Typhoo related things. I had to slap myself in the face several times to remind myself that the money is for the production and not mindless self-indulgence. I have bruises on my cheeks.

With the first week over since the revelation I would be making this video, to have the box curled up in the corner is at least reassuring that things are happening to some extent. I may not particularly like the box greeting me each morning as the weight puts on a few pounds, but if everything turns sour, at least I’ll have four mugs and a lot of tea.


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