The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 6: Recruit 2

Things have progressed since the last time I cried out for help. I now have someone to film my video and edit it. I have someone working on a piece of music to bring it all alive. Plus, I have a location to film it! But I’m still missing a few pieces and I should keep pushing. I need your help!

The film date is March 11th starting at 1pm and ending at 3pm. Unless something catastrophic happens, I’ll be filming in the Liverpool John Moores Student Union, The Engine Room to be precise. Just need to fill it up with people to play my roles and someone to light it all up. So I need:

  • People to star! Things are a little clearer now and I have a bunch of roles I need filling.
  1. Sitting Group
  2. Standing Group
  3. Dancing Group

These three roles are going to be the ones which need filling out with people to make the bar I’m borrowing look busy! You’ll need to have one piece of visible red on your clothing, but don’t have to completely splash out! I’ll have disposable cups to share out so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything. You just need to follow some simple instructions. Simples, as those rodents say.

  • The next group is a little more specific and I may already have most of this covered. Here I need:
  1. 4 victims. These are the ones who will be reacting to the motions everyone else is doing. I may be able to grab some public on the day, but it would be good to have some planted ones on standby. Don’t wear red for this role.
  2. Bar man/girl. Just someone to stand behind the bar and rub a glass or something. Will probably shift someone from the other groups into this role if things aren’t look great on numbers.
  3. Two male topless dancers. Optimistic. Don’t need muscle. For the brave. I’ll do it if I can’t get enough. I have a feeling that this part isn’t necessary, but essential in winning.
  4. The talker. Just one guy to say a few lines.

These are the roles within the video. It sounds a lot, but they are critical pieces to build atmosphere for the piece. I’m sure I can grab a handful of people, but I’d say I need in total twenty people at the least. Which is a lot of people… hoo, boy!

The product also needs lighting! The bar is a little dingy so someone who can bring some lights and light skills with them is much-needed. In fact I cry out for it! I need you! Come join in with this tale of surreal advertising!


Or if you know me, you know how to reach me.

I’m about half way there and we’re about half way through till filming day. Let’s do this!


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