The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 7: Group

It looks like I have a full team ready for filming! With someone to film and edit, someone to sort out lighting and someone to make music, it was time for a group.

Typhoo Tea Team, or TTT, is the name and here the secret plans will go underway up till the release of the video. The group might be a Facebook public group, but I don’t think my rivals will find their way there. I bet they’re reading it right now! Though so far it is full tea pictures and discussions on if topless men are entirely needed. They are.

It is a good place to make sure everyone is getting the same information anyway, and a place for me to express my panicked dreams about ending up in a room on my own with two topless male dancers. That would just be terrible! We have a sense of control, no matter how far away we are! I doubt my nightmares will come to pass. Then I’d be able to tell fortunes for a living. Ten pound a hand, each brings a healthy dose of pessimism to ruin your day. I like.


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