The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 8: Recruit 3

Hey, hey, hey! There are only a few days left till the big day of filming and I’m still a few short! All the technical roles are sorted (I think), so I just need people to come on the day and make it a lively party atmosphere (kind of)!

The filming is for  a Typhoo Tea Social video. The video will last about one minute and be posted online for the world to see. I’m the director, writer and organiser, so it is up to me to get it all together for the day!

I need people for standing, sitting, dancing and walking in. I will group the people up on the day, but I won’t make someone who doesn’t want to dance, dance. Wear one item of red clothing (not only that one piece of course. That would be weird/sexy) and try to avoid anything which shows the branding off. Just means more editing woes that one. We’ve also recently lost a topless dancer of the two needed. So that is also a spot that needs taking up.

Filming is on Sunday March 11th, this Sunday, at 1pm till 3pm. The location is Liverpool, The Haigh Building Maryland Street. Try to get there for one. Let’s do it! Feel free to just turn up, or let me know by emailing

The final stages before the filming are in motion. Let things build up nicely and not collapse nasty.


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