The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 9: Location

The Engine Room. A long bar area with low lighting and waits quietly unused. On Sunday this will be the filming location, and it seems ideal for the job. Plenty of room to move things around so it works to the storyboard and enough room to stuff a whole bunch of people in. It might get more than it does on an average night, which is about five. Just a shame they’re asking me to give them £50 for the pleasure of using the room for two hours. Daylight robbery. I’ll have to use my negotiation abilities tomorrow to hopefully downgrade this unsightly cost, I was pretty good at negotiating in Mass Effect so I should be fine.

Besides, I’ve already asked everyone to come on Sunday at this place, so I may just have to put up with eating half pizzas and turning down Subway. How terrible.

It’s a good venue to have it though, and easy enough for most to find. The whole video works in my mind perfectly at this location. The tea drinkers over that side, the topless dancers by that door. The victims through here… ah yes, everything is going smoothly, if no longer as cheap.


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