Xbox 360 Vevo App

Free streaming music videos come to the 360! Now you can create your own playlist and make MTV as it used to be. Not a bad little thing, even if sticking my HDMI cable into my laptop brings all this onto the big screen. They’ll have to make the Xbox an actual computer before their apps start taking over.

For the app itself, it follows the standard layout past apps have used, making it easy to get to grips with. You find an artist, which there are only 160 so far, and start adding them into a playlist. SD videos pop up and you can sit back an enjoy. No HD is disappointing and there is some censorship abound on certain videos. After much hunting I couldn’t really find much I liked out of the artist choice either. I’m sure they’ll expand, but they are feeding on the masses with the likes of Adele and One Direction. Nothing niche, little classic.

Apps continue to add in limited and unsatisfactory ways. Jump in and see why the 360 should just stick to games.


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