The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 10: Storyboard Snippet

Filming an advert takes a surprising amount of writing. When I tell certain people I’m making this a writing project as well as a social video, they sometimes wonder how that is. If I just had an idea and threw people in a room, we’d get chaos or mindless wandering. Both as uninteresting as the other.  Plotting the actions and events is incredibly important and something I’ve spent a lot of time on. From simple student dancing in a flat to creepy student dancing in a bar, the script has evolved. It now has topless male dancers for a start.

The script is something I’ve been learning how to do for the last three years, so expressing my thoughts isn’t so difficult anymore. The storyboard on the other hand… my drawing really draws me back. Stickmen or flat scribbles. No wonder I’m not on my way to be a comic writer without the aid of an artist. This is the cue for any budding artists to contact me and join up!

Still, what I directed in the storyboard came up virtually the same in my friends version, so it shows the concept is a success! And even with the script and storyboard approaching the final draft before filming, new ideas still pop up. Is it worth squeezing them in or altering the flow? The tough decisions of writing… but wouldn’t it be funny if a guy walked out of the toilets to witness the Typhoo bar crowd I’ve cooked up? Not even time to fly up.

You can see a little of my storyboard scattered around the page and with tea drinking creeps and giant balloon dancers it looks to be a great time. Though I’m not expecting my topless dancers to have balloons for arms. Though it would be cool. What has any of this got to do with tea anymore?

If you drink Typhoo tea, you’ll end up like me. OO!


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