KFC BBQ Rancher

You can tell it’s a BBQ Rancher because of the bit of brown sauce the burger spewed up in the corner. When junk food looks like junk out the packet, you know you’re in for a good time. 

Things have changed in KFC in recent times. Last time the prices went up, now the slogan has changed. So good. Catchy, memorable… it isn’t. I’m not sure when it changed, maybe it was years ago and I’ve only just become aware. One thing which has definitely changed recently however is the bread. Gone with the hard, in with the soft. This is bread which is much more pleasurable to munch on. Sexy pleasure at that. Mmmm ooohhhh. That was me having sexy pleasure from buns. Let’s move on. Quickly.

The BBQ Rancher is the burger without the skin; the strange healthy but still unhealthy burger option they provided last year. Now we have the mayo replaced with BBQ sauce and the results are poor. KFC just don’t have decent BBQ sauce, much too sweet and it overrides anything else. Which is a shame, because I like to say I like BBQ sauce. But it is clear that I’m lying. Or KFC BBQ sauce just stinks of sweet. Too much. And KFC is always better with the skin anyway. Who goes for skinless chicken? Who?!


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