KFC Flamin Wrap

The picture doesn’t really reveal that this wrap is a flamin one. The flamin contents are all tucked away like a snail hiding in its shell. Though I’m not sure what ends up prettier, the slimy head or the cheesy sauce dripping onto the floor. One tastes better than the other though, and I don’t like slimy things. Well I don’t like most slimy things.

The Flamin Wrap is a success. It is basically the newish Supercharger burger stuffed into a small wrap for £1.49. While the Supercharger feels a bit confused due to the size of the thing, when all the cheese, chicken and sauce is stuffed into a small wrap, it comes to life. One bite and the mild spice starts the new wave party in your mouth and you want it all, then some more. The flavour strikes out and leaves a lasting impression, and for £1.49 you may as well get two. So good! Hey, they slogan works! But they should really add a g, it’s not cool to do the in thing.


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