The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 11: Filmed

Blurry movements and a lot of red, but what does it all mean? It was filming day and no one could stop dancing. It was a bug.

The turnout was disappointing. Nine people in total, and that was including me, the lighting and the one in charge of the camera. We had to jump in to fill it out a bit. But as we stood wandering around the bland room, we were confused and slightly pessimistic. I was very pessimistic, but it cancels out as just slightly when we take into account everyone’s feelings. It was going to be a slog, but then two moments which happened simultaneously turned our frowns upside down.

Investigating the bar area we had access to, a series of red items were lurking. Three red pirate hats, three pairs of red maracas and a red bandana. Then a guy turned up with a red fez. This was going to work.  Because of hats, our energy had revived.

And it turned out well. In the two hours we grabbed thirty minutes of footage for a one minute social video, and it was good footage. With a smaller crew cuts and tweaks had to be made, but they were carefully selected to make sure the quality remained high. The lighting was excellent, the camera work first-rate and the direction sound. By the end we didn’t quite know what we had in our hands, but everyone worked hard to make sure this would be a success, and I thank you all.

Next up: editing.

Prepare for some sophisticated shit, man.


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