Lucozade Revive

50 calories Lucozade, that must be good, right? I’m not one to watch my calories or really understand it, I just want to drink new fizzy flavours! Cranberry with Acai, Orange with Acai and Lemongrass with Ginger. Odd one out at the end there.

Cranberry With Acai is the king of revive. When I was on the verge of death last week due to a stray pigeon knocking me out, a drop of cranberry and I was back on my feet. Cranberry works well with the fizzy energy with no loss of taste. You wouldn’t even know it is a light drink for weight watchers. The acai probably does something too, but all you can taste is the delicious sweet cranberry. Which is a bitter fruit which reminds me of cows and pooping. Thank Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the Nintendo 64 for that.

Orange With Acai is why I believe the acai doesn’t do much in cranberry, as this is one hellish drink. They say the true medicine are those which make you sick on the inside, so orange fits in well with the revive theme. Orange Lucozade tastes so great, so I have no idea why this light version is a nasty tang which sticks to the back of the throat. I couldn’t get the nauseating taste out of my mouth for days (minutes) and it made me crave for the real deal. Maybe it is the Diet Coke effect; you taste the sweet stuff and the light stuff just can’t compare. Or blame the acai.

Lemongrass With Ginger was a nightmare to get hold off. While Cranberry and Orange stink up the store shelves promotional boxes, this third flavour is nowhere to be seen. The promo boxes don’t even mention the juice, so I thought I’d either dreamt it up or it was so damn good everyone was snapping them off the shelves. When I finally stumbled upon the Revive section now stuffed into a dark corner of Tescos, lemongrass gave me a wink and a giggle. It tastes like herbal tea, if herbal tea was fizzy and cold. Not bad and with the remedy type taste you can pretend it is an actual revival potion. Give me life!

I can’t really see Lucozade Revive taking off, largely because it seems to be hiding in big Tescos and remaining largely untouched in the promo boxes. Maybe calorie concerned people are already energised enough.



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