The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 12: What Wasn’t Typhoo Became Typhoo

Yarr! Avast thee virus protection and let us set sail to greater yonders, to the land of tea! The journey is almost over and ye must be wondering what all this pirate get up is doing on board the great social video voyage. And maracas. Arr, me lad.

This was a mighty plunder on the day we captured the mighty party and we kitted ourselves up to welcome any potential… victims. I mean lubber. Arr, me lad. This would have been useless treasure much like Monopoly money outside the house, but the red brightness reflects well with the Typhoo product branding. Arr, me lad. Me lad, arr.

This be but a sneak peek at the golden prize awaiting at the end of the Grand Line, and ye can await to see how a pirate hat and maracas make for the grandest tea party on the whole sea. And a fez. Cannae forget the fez. Yarr.

Unfortunately pirate accents and pirate actions are absent from the video. Just Typhoo people enjoying Typhoo tea in silly hats. But without the hats and things found on the day, this would have been a party of three idiots and a lot of empty silence. To me they are as Typhoo as the bags I dip in my mug.


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