Cadbury Bitsa Wispa

Bitsa Wispa. Sounds a bit rasta. Wispa was definitely number one on my list for chocolate to be made into share bags though, so I was ecstatic to see these on the shelves. At the time I came into contact with the bags I had to be detained in case of wrecking the aisle in excitement. But they couldn’t keep me down and I charged home with some Bitsa Wispa and ting. 

They are smaller than I was expecting, but then I was expecting full size Wispas lopped into smaller chunks. It’s a bit like how you expect most things to be. Bitsa Humans would be fingers cut down to size rather than mini fingers and Bitsa Potatoes would be chips not small potatoes. Bitsa Wispa is breaking my system! They look a bit bruised and battered coming out of the bag, as you can see they aren’t as sexy as the regular bar. Since when has chocolate been sexy? Since Wispa of course.

Despite the smaller than expected size, you get plenty of them to munch on and it is all about taste anyway. No one stopped eating Angel Delight because it looked like diarrhoea . Though I stopped eating these because of the distinct lack of Wispa taste. These taste just like the Twirl Bites and Giant Buttons, the only difference is the shape! A real Wispa bar has the hard shiny surface and the bubbly airy centre, these Bitsa Wispa are too condensed to offer the magnificence of the real deal. There is a slight airy sensation, but these are not the Bitsa Wispa we’re looking for.



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