The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 13: Interview With An Editor

The deadline is near and the editor slaves away at making this social video a thing of great beauty. But no man can work twenty-four hours a day, and I managed to grab him for a few questions. Meet Ethan Culican ladies and gentleman, this is the man in charge of the camera, editing, and sound. He is the other half of me.

JRW Hello.

EC Hi… Oo!

JRW *Silence*

EC *Coughs* Oo!

JRW I like your shirt.

EC Thanks… oo!

JRW So, what got you on board for the Typhoo Tea Social Video project?

EC Erm, as far as I’m aware, I never was on board. Oo! I’ve been locked in this basement for weeks and that gag ball is really tight. Oo!

JRW Haha, he jests of course my fellow readers. I would never use a tight gag ball!

EC Help. Oo!

JRW But despite being thrown into this whole tea escapade, you love the stuff itself don’t you?

EC Yeah, it really gives me the oo. I’ve stopped drinking it now though. Oo!

JRW Hmm, the filming and editing process made you tired of the Typhoo tea?

EC Oh no, I inject it into myself now for a quicker boost of the oo. Oo!

JRW I’m going to have to try that.  What did you hope to achieve in the filming process?

EC Well, from the script I decided static shots would be the best way to go about doing it. Oo! It worked well with the confines of the time frame we had to do it and the equipment I could get. Oo!

JRW Interesting, very interesting. So the video is static in filming, but in the editing process you’ve made it really come to life haven’t you?

EC Yeah, we’ve got this great funky beat I’ve collaborated to make and it all really comes together. You’ll just have to wait till the video is released in the next few days. But think feel good with a tinge of the surreal. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

JRW Woah, with that long oo it must be good! So, what do you hope to do after the video is out there?

EC For you to release me, oo.

JRW Haha, we’ll see. And is Typhoo tea the best tea in the world.

EC Yes. Oo!

JRW Will you stop saying oo?

EC Never. Oo!

JRW Ethan Culican folks! The man behind the camera, computer and guitar!


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