KFC Reggae Reggae Box Meal

In the flesh, KFC looks so vulnerable and devoid of all beauty. For that brief moment when you clasp eyes on the chicken sitting in the bun, you realise that this is a creation of greed and lack of love. If it wasn’t for the secret spices everyone would move away and look for prettier chicken alternatives. Here lies the Reggae Reggae burger, pulled open so everyone can view the sauce mincing with the lettuce. If we left it shut, it would just look like any old battered burger. 

The Reggae Reggae comes in quick after the recent inclusion of the BBQ Rancher on the menu. It seems now they’ve dealt with taking off the skin or changing the shape of the bun, we got to put up with wacky sauces to bring variety. Reggae Reggae is a much nicer sauce than KFC’s BBQ though so it is a burger to bite into and enjoy without those slight fall backs because things are just too sweet. It has the sweetness of BBQ sauce, but with a spice which stops it being an overly sickly disaster. Unfortunately the Reggae Reggae sauce is a little on the strong side and overrides the fact you’re eating a  KFC burger. It kills the reason we go there and you could swap out the chicken for any old number.

One day KFC will get a balance right which sits well with the mayonnaise they perfected,  but today we are left with sauces battling with the core ingredient rather than working together. Today I didn’t feel like I’d eaten KFC chicken, just a spicy sauce which took the world by storm for its catchy name and ginger zing.


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