1080 Snowboarding

1080 Snowboarding 
Format: Nintendo Wii/Nintendo 64
Price: 1000 Nintendo points
Players: 1-2
Genre: Sports 
Release Date: 30th November 1998/18th January 2008
Nintendo EAD

Teeeennn Eiigghhtttyy! Watch out. Urrraa. Coooooll it. Drown it. Don’t make me die. More make me a mike more may.

Is how the opening song goes, I think. After so many years of this N64 snowboarding classic, I’ve never been able to grasp what the lyrics in the song actually are. And no one ever has.

1080 Snowboarding was incredible back in the day. A realistic snowboarding game with intense speed,soft snow and tight controls. Hurtling down the mountain was nipple hardening on the excitement scale, and the game allowed you to race on a penguin and wearing a giant panda hat. Half real, half silly, 1080 had something for everyone. Except those expecting an easy ride.

The controls were tricky to make sense of and took time to learn. Having the patience to learn how to control the angle of the board for landings in time with the crouching was one some just couldn’t get their heads around. But once it clicked, it felt natural and had that element of danger on the slopes. Especially due to the fact your boarder could die.

In 2012, 1080 looks a little old. It’s beautiful backdrops now appear as blurry pixels and the character models are big chunky squares dashing past square scenery. The snow still has a nice feel to it, sliding through the soft white still initiates a feeling of almost being there. If only you could cross over into the television. Trick mode also appears archaic and boring in comparison to the more recent SSX series and the package feels light. It seems to last as long as the white breath stays lingering in the air on a cold day.

What 1080 still has going for it today though is the races. It still has an excellent speed and great feeling of tension thanks to the controls, which need relearning all over again. Zipping past your rival, surviving giant falls and cruising through half-pipe tunnels still gets those nipples hardening and that sweat forming. And the way the announcer shouts ‘Stiffy’ in training still makes me chuckle. 11 forever.



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